Chocovic – Jaina (and Selváticas)

December 14, 2007

Chocovic Jaina

Chocovic’s latest entry into the chocolate world comes in four bars (or four couvertures—more on that below), but the white chocolate selection is what I want to talk about for now. Jaina, at 31% cacao, is unique among white chocolate bars in that it contains a curious ingredient that delivers a distinctly unusual flavor that many people may be unfamiliar with in chocolate. “What is it?,” you ask? “Yogurt powder,” I tell you. It may be meager in quantity but it has an enormous impact, adding an odd and seemingly out of place sourness that is more fitting in a Ritter Sport bar, to be sure.

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Amedei – I Frutti: Toscano White with Pistachios

December 12, 2007

Amedei I Frutti

Until now I have only fallen in love with unflavored dark bars (including some select milk bars as well) and was relatively intractable by the flavored variations thereof. However, I recently got my hands on an Amedei I Frutti bar, particularly the white chocolate version studded with chopped pistachios (Toscano White with Pistachios), and after finishing the bar in one day I must admit that I have a new love in my life.

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