Chocovic – Jaina (and Selváticas)

Chocovic Jaina

Chocovic’s latest entry into the chocolate world comes in four bars (or four couvertures—more on that below), but the white chocolate selection is what I want to talk about for now. Jaina, at 31% cacao, is unique among white chocolate bars in that it contains a curious ingredient that delivers a distinctly unusual flavor that many people may be unfamiliar with in chocolate. “What is it?,” you ask? “Yogurt powder,” I tell you. It may be meager in quantity but it has an enormous impact, adding an odd and seemingly out of place sourness that is more fitting in a Ritter Sport bar, to be sure.

Senses may be jaded among those well adjusted to the mellower dispositions of other white chocolate bars, but relax before deeming the bar a distasteful rogue. I was jaded, too, so take my advice. The first square will serve as an introduction. Once you’ve digested this piece and get to the second square, you’ll be acclimated to the sour yogurt-like flavor that is indeed the hallmark of the bar. Every other characteristic of a white chocolate is present, so the bar as a whole isn’t too divergent or wild. Just receive the bar with an open mind, and you will be fine. Trust me.

I thought the bar was a bit strange at first, but I quickly embraced it for what it is and not what it pretends to be. In this respect, the chocolate can only be admired, and admittedly I do enjoy Jaina quite a bit, maybe more than I should, but what can I say? Everyone’s a sucker for something.


After tasting Jaina, I realized that Chocovic, it seems, is in the midst of an expansion phase, perhaps to bolster sales due to a relative stalemate in their product range, or to widen accessibility to their couvertures since the range to which this bar belongs (Selváticas) is also available in couverture format. After all, Chocovic’s retail presence has only been substantiated by three high quality bars and nothing else, so the company is definitely in arrears.

What I do find odd about this Selváticas range is that Chocovic never states where the cacao was sourced or what type of beans were used. Now, I don’t actually have the other three bars in my possession and thus cannot examine the wrappers, but Chocovic’s website makes no mention of that information.

So, naturally, I investigated the names of the bars online and found that Tarakan and Kendari are names belonging to Indonesia and Nayarit and Jaina to Mexico, which could reasonably be interpreted as the sources of the cacao used in these bars. In the future, I’ll make an effort to get them and then determine if the effort was worthwhile.


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