Bonnat – Porcelana

January 9, 2008

Recently, a friend from Germany sent me a Porcelana bar produced by Bonnat. This bar has been circulating for a couple months now in Germany and only recently has it become available at Chocosphere in America. At a whopping 100g, the bar is larger than most bars of Porcelana composition, and the price certainly shows.

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Amano – Cuyagua 70%

November 24, 2007

Amano Cuyagua

Cuyagua is a remote valley in Venezuela that neighbors Ocumare de la Costa. Historically, beans from this area have not been plentiful enough for companies to produce chocolate regularly. In fact, supply has been so low that the only company to produce a pure Cuyagua bar has been Scharffen Berger, and they did it twice in different years. Well, move over Scharffen Berger; Amano has a wonderful surprise for everyone: a Cuyagua 70% bar, which is also limited edition.

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